Talkbox STI-PA Test Tone Generator
The Talkbox is a Portable STI-PA Test Tone Generator for Speech Intelligibility Measurements. Talkbox is a Signal Generator, an Integral Part of The Speech Analysis System. Used with either DSP2B/BP, DSP30B/BP or DSPCIBP. Applies Specialized Test Tones To A Voice Message System or selected environment.
l Portable STI-PA Test Tone Generator.
l Generates Test Tones for Speech Intelligibility and Privacy Measurements.
l Test Tones developed by TNO Human factors.
l Use With DSP30 and DSP2 series analyzers with Intelligibility OPTSTICistm and Privacy OPT PI.
l STI-PA Test Tone CD.
l Built-in CD player.
l Built-in speaker.
l Line level output jack.
l Volume control.
Talkbox Package Contents:
l Universal microphone holder. (Microphone and cable not supplied)
l Detachable shoulder strap
CD Test Tones: 60 minutes of STI-PA Continuous and Intermittent.
Speaker Input: Unbalanced " phone jack.
Outputs: Line Level: Unbalanced, " phone jack. 1Vp-p.
Accuracy: Typically 0.02 STI.
Function Controls: On/Off Switch.
  Volume Control.
Power Requirements: Batteries: Eight "AA" alkaline or nicad
  External: 12Vdc @ 500mA via 2.1mm jack
Size (L x W x H): 18" x 13" x 7"
Weight: 10 lbs.
Case Material: Reinforced Aluminium.
Manual: NL, GB, FR
Approvals: CE, RoHS and WEEE
  Emissions: - EN 55022 B - FCC Class B
  Immunity: - EN 55024 B