GL60 RT60 Reverberation Time Meter
The GL60 measures the reverberation time; the measure of how long sound takes to decay by 60 decibels (dB) in a room. The GL60 meter does this by measuring how long a sound level takes to drop by 20dB and then multiplies that time by three to give a standard readout.
l Stand alone RT60 meter with built-in microphone.
l Quickly check sound system performance.
l Select speaker locations.
l Determine microphone placements.
l Determine at what distance a speaker will reinforce sound.
l Battery operated.
Microphone: Built-in omnidirectional electret condenser.
Measurement Frequencies (Hz): 125, 250, 500, 1k, 2k, 4k.
Measurement Range: 0.01s - 9.99s in 0.01s increments.
Display: 3 Digit LCD
Selectable Input Attentuator: -30dB, -15dB, 0dB.
Power Requirements: 2 pcs. - 9V Batteries. Alkaline recommended.
Size (W x H x D): 5" x 5" x 2"
Weight: 1 lb.
Case & Rear Panel Material: High impact ABS.
Front Panel Material: Painted Aluminum.
Approvals: CE, RoHS and WEEE